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On-Line Law Dictionaries
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Latin Phrases: Law & Rhetoric
Latin Legal Vocabulary
Latin Dictionaries
Legal Latin
Latin Legal Terminology
Roman Law in Smith's Dictionary of Antiquities
Dictionnaires Braudo
Lexique Juridique
Droit Privé
Contrats et affaires
Lexique de la justice
LEXicon & ShortLEX
EuroDicAutom (plusieurs langues)
Dictionnaire Francais-Allemande
Dictionnaire juridiques Francais-Italienne

Juristische Linkpage Wörterbücher
Dictionnaire allemand juridique
Heymanns Rechtslexikon
Online-recht Lexikon
Hamburgs Rechtslexikon
Lexika in Mehrere Sprache
EuroDicAutom (viele Sprache)
Legal Dictionaries
Law Dictionary Dictionary
Andersons Dictionary
Bouvier's Law Dictionary
Duhaime's Law Dictionary

Legal Terms in Contracts

EuroDicAutom (multilingual)
Engle's Tort Law Dictionary - 
(with equivalent German terms)

Topical Glossaries

Civil Procedure


Family Law
Colorado Divorce
Divorce Dictionary
Annotated Divorce
Massachusetts Divorce

Intellectual Property
US Patent Office
Trademark Glossary
Patent Classification

Legal Theory
Medieval Legal Terms
Encyclopedia of Law & Economics

Insurance Law

International Law
Admiralty Law Glossary 

Constitutional Law
European Politics
Governments of the WWW
International Narcotics & Law
International Commercial Law
Universal Declaration of Human Rights (en plusieurs langues; mehrere Sprache)

Internet Law
Internet Legal Resource Guide

Prison Terms
A Prisoner's Dictionary

Tort law
Engle's Tort Law Dictionary (with equivalent German terms)

General Glossaries

Another glossary
Legal Terminology
Searchable Glossary

Utah: Glossary
Maryland:Common Terms.
California Legislative Glossary
Texas Legislative Online Glossary

U.S. Courts
Senate: Glossary
Legislative Terms
US Federal Glossary
Federal District Court

Canadian Glossary

Australian glossary

Italian: Glossario

Reference Works
The Blue Book

Legal Encyclopedia
Cyberlaw Encyclopedia
Legal Writing Glossaries
Economics Dictionaries
Economic Glossary
Economics Glossary
Hypertextual Finance Glossary
Glossary of Environmental Economics
A Journalist's Guide to Economic Terms Encyclopedia of the New Economy
Economics Glossary
Glossary of Economic Terms
W.W. Norton
Glossary A List Of Secret Canons And Legal Terms
Online Dictionaries
Specialty Dictionaries
Translation dictionnaries
English/German Dictionary
EuroDicAutom - multilingual law dictionary

Babelfish Machine Translator
HEISOFT Translation - Textübersetzung

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